Saturday, February 23, 2008

The ultimate fish houses

Terminator on ice! A giant robot fish house at the Art Shanty Projects. More on this below!

Three cheers for nicer weather!

I woke up to 12 degrees, no wind, and bright sunshine this morning. What a treat! It felt a lot warmer with the sun out, and the day was off to a comfortable start.

Despite the fact that my bottle of Gatorade froze solid after 5 miles, I still managed to put in 13 today. My longest run since October, and it felt really good. Nothing too strenuous, just an easy, deliberate pace. Good stuff!

I couldn't believe the number of cardinals I saw, and man, were they ever singing away! Clearly, they were also excited about the gorgeous day. And I also saw the resident bald eagle flying overhead. I am happy to see more activity in the wildlife department!

Following my run, I was off to do some shopping. I stopped at my running store, Start Line in Minnetonka, to pick up a new pair of road running shoes. I had been on my same pair since August, so it was time. I upgraded to my new pair of Brooks, and I even found a sweet long sleeved running shirt on the half price rack that I could not resist. Always a good time shopping at the running store! :)

Also, I went to nearby Medicine Lake in Plymouth to check out the Art Shanty Projects.

The "Shanty of Misfit Toys"

Minnesota is known for its fishing, and during the winter we don't let a little bit of ice slow us down. Minnesotans simply build ice shanties (more colloquially referred to as "fish houses"), drag them out on the lake, drill a hole in the ice, and fish away!

A chalkboard fish house

A local group of artists has taken the fish house to another level by building creatively designed and decorated fish houses and putting them on display on Medicine Lake. This is becoming an annual event, and they have all sorts of games, performances, and fun to be had all winter long.

The mortgage crisis hits the fish house industry

Many of these structures were very original and some quite humorous. Clearly, a lot of thought and effort went into these projects. This goes to prove that winters are long in Minnesota, and we Minnesotans use our creativity and ingenuity to get through it. An artistic fish house festival on a frozen lake in the middle of winter? Absolutely!

My morning was capped off with lunch at one of my favorite places, the Lone Spur. The enchiladas with brisket were outstanding, as always!

A plate of Tex-Mex goodness

Until next time,

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