Saturday, February 02, 2008

Where I was supposed to be today

So today was supposed to be my first snowshoe race, the Yukon Day Race in White Bear Lake.

Yesterday the participants got an e-mail from the race director. Apparently when you have 40 degrees and rain on Monday that quickly turns into -15 below, the lake where the race is being held becomes more conducive to ice skating than snowshoeing. Crap!

I thought it was really nice of the race director to let everyone know the lake had no snow on it. But I opted not to go. I didn't feel like breaking my snowshoes, or worse, breaking something on me! Oh well, there will be other snowshoe races.

Instead, I went for what has become my regular weekend 9 mile loop around the lake. Running was difficult today. The weather was nice in the mid 20's, but the trails are still covered with patches of ice. Lots of starting, stopping, and occasional tiptoeing! But I got it done, so that is what counts!

My reward was a little lunch at Joe Senser's where I had a walleye sandwich as big as my head. Great stuff!

My beer battered walleye sandwich at Joe Senser's

Also, along the lines of food, tonight I am going to whip up a Thai yellow curry dish with venison. This is somewhat of an experiment, but I think it should work well. A full report forthcoming.

Until next time,

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