Saturday, March 01, 2008

Drink of the Tiger

Today at the local grocery store, I picked up a bottle of this:

This I did not know, but apparently Mr. Woods inked a huge deal with Gatorade last fall, and his new sport drink just hit the shelves. It was on sale, and I couldn't resist. They say he even specially chose the flavors himself. (I am picturing him wearing a lab coat and safety goggles with a whole bunch of beakers and test tubes in front of him, feverishly trying to come up with his own special blend!) Anyhow, I am sure that once I start drinking it, I will be pounding 300 yard drives, or hanging out with Swedish models. Either would be fine. I will be sure to report back. :)

March came in like a lamb today, and we are currently in the mid 30's. The sun is actually out, too! The day did get off to a chilly start. When I began my run it was 12 degrees, but by the time I finished, we had already hit 20. Another nice, easy 13 miler in the books.

One thing I have noticed is that the chickadees have started to change their vocalizations. They make this descending whistle that sounds like "feeee-beeee," and you really do not hear them do this during the dead of winter. I am counting this as another sign of spring!

I am still kind of frustrated, however, because my morning long runs on the weekend are still so cold that it freezes my Gatorade solid halfway through the run. Perhaps I need to write to Tiger to see if he can solve this dilemma for me? :)

Not much on the agenda today. I got all my shopping and errands done, and we have a little NASCAR this afternoon. The easy chair will feel good after running around all morning!

Until next time,

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