Wednesday, March 12, 2008

That's more like it!

So when I went running on Friday morning, the temperature was -9 degrees.

Last night for my run, I am happy to say I was able to ditch the facemask and the running jacket for the first time in 2008. A blissful 47 degrees, partly cloudy, with a light breeze!

A 56 degree temperature swing from Friday morning? Woohoo, three cheers for spring!

What a treat. All I needed was the running pants, a long sleeved base layer shirt with a light top over it, and my stocking cap (well, and my running shoes, of course). After the winter we have been having, this felt almost balmy. I went out along my usual weekday route. The snow that remains was melting like crazy, and the damp smells in the air were reminiscent of spring.

I had a fantastic run, and a fast one by my standards. This may sound a little strange, but I am finding myself taking a little time to get my “summer legs” back. It is strange having actual solid footing after spending the winter running on snow packed trails! I clipped right along yesterday.

My two resident eagles were sitting in and near their nest in the park, staring at me, seemingly unimpressed at my running prowess. I will enjoy watching them raise a family over the summer. I also saw a couple more big hawks, so they too are beginning to infiltrate the North Country.

One unforeseen aspect of nicer weather is that it brought all of the fair weather walkers and runners out of the woodwork. The horror! These trails that I had practically to myself all winter now had a number of people on them. Oh well, I suppose I will have to learn to share. :)

Bring on spring,

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