Friday, April 25, 2008

Gray, gloomy, and perhaps even snowy

The last few days have been gray, gloomy, and rainy (in fact, it absolutely poured on Thursday). And now we have the potential to be…snowy?

Yes, believe it of not, the possibility of snow exists in our forecast for the weekend! Unreal. We are not under the winter storm warning that is in effect for north-central Minnesota (6 to 12 inches?!?), but the weekend looks to be continued cool and gloomy. Spring will arrive by June, I am sure of it! :)

My morning runs this week have been nice. Nothing new to report in terms of birds, really. The loons that invaded us last weekend have seemingly moved on to the north. I did see three deer in the park on Thursday morning, and they simply stared at me as I trotted on by. Otherwise, it has been the usual cast of characters. I am still waiting to see a few warblers, though.

Work was very busy this week. I had to get a release done for a client, which always has its challenges. But we got it done a day ahead of schedule, which was great. And last night, we had a company happy hour at Axel’s Bonfire, so that was a fun way to end a crazy day. I have some really great co-workers.

Not much on the agenda for the weekend. I will get in a long run at some point, but the cold, crappy, rainy/snowy weather might keep me indoors otherwise!

Still being teased by Mother Nature,

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