Friday, April 04, 2008

I can get used to this

For winter running, you need to layer your clothing and bundle up. This may require some base layer undergarments, tights, a couple of shirts, and a jacket. If the route is snow-packed, you may need to use your trail shoes for additional traction. Then you need to find your stocking cap, thick socks, gloves, and perhaps even a ski mask. It takes forever and a day to get ready just to go running.

But in weather like yesterday (58 and sunny), you are out the door in a matter of minutes. Shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, and you are ready to rock!

What a beautiful run yesterday. Signs of spring are slowly emerging. Ice is melting off of the ponds and lakes, and the creek I run past has open water.

I have seen three new birds over the last few days, including the eastern bluebird, the eastern phoebe, and also a gigantic sandhill crane that swooped into the swamp as I was running by on the trail. Always nice to see the new arrivals for spring. In a few weeks, the warblers should start passing through to their northern nesting grounds. An exciting time to be a bird watcher, to say the least!

Unfortunately, our weekend doesn’t look so great. A chance of rain both days, and Sunday looks to be a washout judging by the latest forecast. Oh well, April showers equals May flowers, right?

Until next time,

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