Sunday, April 06, 2008

A little running, a lot of wine, and some good food

Saturday I awoke to a gorgeous day. Low 40's, sun, a slight breeze; perfect for running.

I ran a 12 mile loop through the park and around the lake. Nothing too stressful, just a good, easy pace. And the mild temperatures meant that my Gatorade didn't freeze up! :) (By the way, that Gatorade "Tiger" in the grape flavor is mighty tasty)

New birds seem to arrive daily. Yesterday on the run I saw my first tree swallow of the season. Also, the shores of the lake were inundated with song sparrows, and were they ever singing. In fact, all of the birds were singing! A chorus of bird sounds accompanied me all throughout my run.

Once I got myself cleaned up, it was time to do some shopping. I bought my groceries for the week, and then I headed off in search of some vino. A local wine shop, Haskell's, is having their annual spring "nickel sale," so I had to take advantage! The Minnetonka store was an absolute zoo (as it always is...this is a popular sale!), and I walked out with a mixed case of reds. The "cellar" is now fully stocked. :)

Winding my way west of the Cities, I sought out some lunch, as I had not eaten post-run and was feeling quite famished. As it is spring, the Minnetonka Drive-In is now open! I enjoyed a delicious "California Supreme" burger and fries from the comfort of The Silver Hornet, windows down, sunroof open, and tunes playing. (Oh, did I mention it was 60 degrees outside at this point? Niiiiice!)

The California Supreme burger at the Minnetonka Drive In

The rest of the day consisted of a lot of sports (NASCAR, golf, Final Four). For dinner, I embraced my inner Scandinavian and cooked up a roasted chicken with lemon and dill. My recipe is similar to that of Andreas Viestad's from his Kitchen of Light cookbook. He advocates using a ton of dill, and I am happy to oblige! The chicken turned out fantastic.

Last night's roasted chicken with dill and lemon

Today is rainy, and with a day off from running, it gave me an opportunity to spend even more time in the kitchen! I made pizza dough this morning, so I will have that on hand for the week. And there is a pot of homemade split pea soup simmering on the stove as I type this, so the leftovers will serve as my lunches at work.

From the looks of it, I am really glad I enjoyed my Saturday. The weather forecast for the week isn't looking too sharp. Even more chances for some snow? Ugh. Bring on spring, darn it!

Until next time,

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