Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Turning the corner, and seeing some birds

Temperatures soared into the upper 60's today. What snow we got over the weekend is gone, and the lake along my running route is close to being free of ice. I am officially calling it:

Spring is finally here! The worst of the wintry weather is behind us!!! :)

The last two mornings have treated me to some spectacular running…and birds!

Monday morning was crisp and cool (and below freezing, actually, but the day quickly warmed into the mid 50’s). The running was most comfortable. Along my route, I saw my friends, the eagles, and the hooded merganser made an appearance in the creek once again. Not only that, but I flushed a rooster pheasant in the park, scared up a kingfisher near the edge of a pond, and saw my first pair of wood ducks for the season.

This morning on my run, it was a breezy 42 degrees with some wispy clouds in the skies. The sunrise over the lake was amazing, with the giant, hot pink orb lifting above the horizon (note to self; bring your camera on runs more often, dummy!). It was so incredible that I stopped running on a footbridge for a while to take in the sight. I was glad I stopped; otherwise I would have missed seeing our state bird, the loon, swimming out in the bay near the remaining ice. Yes, the loons are back! There is a good “be sure to stop and smell the roses” message in here somewhere. Only in this case it involves stopping and seeing loons.

As I said, the weather is improving. But last Saturday when I was running in the cold, wind, and occasional slush (all the while whining a little bit), there was a brave group of Wisconsin and Minnesota trail runners who ran through a heck of a lot worse than I did on the trails at the Chippewa Moraine 50k. Check out this race report! I cannot even imagine how difficult that must have been running trails in those weather conditions. Way to go, guys and girls! :)

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