Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Because I am French (well, partially anyhow)

Tuesday's sunrise over the northwest metro; not a bad way to start your day!

I went running Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, as well as this morning. Each time, the runs were most pleasant and filled with wildlife (and the mornings filled with enjoyable sunrises). I saw several firsts for the season; a sharp-shinned hawk (who did a spectacular 90-degree bank into the woods), a mourning cloak butterfly, and a green darner dragonfly (starting to see some insects now that it is finally warming up!).

The bird watching outside of my window has been no less spectacular. We have been invaded by Myrtle warblers, and I have seen several of them flitting around in the trees in the courtyard. Additionally, I had the cutest little ovenbird rooting around on the ground in search of food. Always great to see the warblers passing through!

Changing gears completely, how about a funny story from my last race?

Following the race, I had a quick drink and snack, cleaned myself up as best I could, and pretty much hit the road. As this was once of my slowest 10k’s, I didn’t really hang around to find out how I did.

While I know of local trail runners Steve and Kel through the blogosphere, I have not formally met them in person. It so happens they also ran at the Runnin’ in the Ruff race, and they each mentioned in their fantastic race reports that my name got called during the awards ceremony for placing in my division; apparently, for both the men AND the women!

My name frequently causes confusion, and it is really nobody’s fault as it is an easy mistake to make. You see, my name is French. Jean is not pronounced “gene,” it is Jean as in “Van De Velde” (for you French golf fans out there!).

Seeing my name in print, more often than not it is assumed to be pronounced “gene.” And I guess the spelling of “Jean” is predominantly indicative of a female, or so it would seem. This has led to more than a few instances of being categorized incorrectly by gender at races; actually, more times than I have actually placed in my division, I think!

So for the record, my name is Jean. I am French (partially), a runner, and I happen to be a dude. I also like VW’s, classic rock, and the case models on "Deal or No Deal"...but I can save that stuff for another post! :)

Hoping I didn't ace out a deserving woman at the last race,

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