Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good candy gone bad

First things first, a hearty congratulations Rick and Bob for their triumphs at the Kettle 100 last weekend! Bob finished the 100k in incredibly difficult weather conditions, and Rick finished an amazing 3rd place overall in the...(gasp)...100 mile! Wow, way to go, guys! :)

Believe it or not, the last couple of days have been gorgeous here. I ran on Monday and Tuesday afternoons in sunny, comfortable conditions. What a treat!

The wildlife is still abundant. I am enjoying watching the eaglets growing up, and many of the songbirds are in full nesting mode right now. I even saw a large number of monarch butterflies in the park this afternoon. I love summers in Minnesota.

OK, so does anyone remember the candy called Good & Fruity? They were from the makers of Good & Plenty, the licorice pastel candies. Same idea, only they were fruit flavored, and I used to love them as a kid. I will bet it has been ten years since I have had (or even seen) them. I was beginning to wonder if they were discontinued. Well, imagine my surprise when I found some sitting on the shelves of a local grocery over the weekend! Smiling, I picked up a couple of boxes.

I opened a box at work on Monday and a look of horror came over my face. Inside were there oblong orbs that looked something like a stretched out jelly bean. What the hell is this? They look nothing like the pastel candies of old. I ate a few and the flavor is also different, but not in a good way; very citric and almost sour. The texture has become more like a jelly bean as well, with a slightly firm outer shell and a mushy interior. Absent is the pleasantly chalky exterior with a firm, chewy center that I remember.

I have no idea when this change occurred, but I am here to tell you the “new” Good & Fruity candies suck. How crushing! A favorite childhood candy, gone the way of the dinosaur. I suppose now they will reformulate Jelly Belly’s just to push me completely over the edge? :)

In some positive food-related news, here is last weekend’s coq au vin (French chicken and wine stew). Delightfully rustic and delicious! Much better than the Good & Fruity candy, anyhow... :)

Because I am French...

Until next time,

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