Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday of play

I had a half day off in the afternoon on Friday, so I used that as my opportunity to do my weekly long run. We had a beautiful day with temps hovering around 70, and there was a fairly stiff cooling breeze, so conditions were very nice.

I put in 12 1/2 miles, and strangely enough I had the trails mostly to myself. I guess most people are working during this time, but I figured more people would be calling in...(ahem)..sick on such a glorious day! However, I only encountered a couple of other runners, and a few walkers and bikers during a couple hours on the trail. The run was most pleasant.

The Canada goose babies are growing rapidly. I saw several en route floating on the lake with their parents. They are getting to that awkward stage where they look slightly bedraggled and are only starting to develop their colors. Still very cute, nonetheless!

With my run out of the way, that left Saturday for screwing around. I took a drive out to Kimball to visit Knaus Sausage House, where I stocked up on some various meat products (I sense some BLT sandwiches with great smoked bacon in my future). I made a point to drive a lot of county backroads for a change of scenery, and there is some beautiful farm country just west of me. And I even saw a flock of American white pelicans flying overheard near Maple Lake. An enjoyable trip.

Spicy shrimp stir-fry!

Tonight's dinner was a stir-fry of shrimp with chile sauce. (Quite spicy, I might add!) This evening contains a full slate of sports. The US Open 3rd round is going on right know and will go into prime time, and NASCAR racing fires up at 7:30. All in all, a pretty darn good Saturday!

Until next time,

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