Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer is upon us

This week has been challenging, but good. At work, while things have been very busy, I learned I will be receiving a promotion (and a nice raise!). After only 9 short months at my new company, I was pretty surprised and pleased.

The weather has contributed to some challenges as well. We have gone from a cool, relatively dreary spring into full summer mode. Running in the heat and humidity is difficult (at least, for me). We have had temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s for much of this week, so it is time to get used to the summer weather!

On my last run, I noticed the baby eagles along my route have left the nest! It would have been fun to see them take flight. But it is about time; the little guys were not so little anymore. How enjoyable to watch those magnificent birds so close up.

I have also seen a number of deer on my recent runs. One was a forkhorn buck that still had the velvet on his antlers, and the others were does. It is obvious they are used to seeing people, as they just scuttle off the trail a little ways, and then they turn and stare! Their reddish summer coat is amazing right now. It is remarkable how much this will morph into their brownish-gray winter coat later in the year.

Sweating profusely,

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