Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Going to extremes

It is hot. The whole week is going to be hot. Running has been more difficult this week, as there is some significant humidity thrown in there as well (more humid yesterday than today, however).

I was thinking back to my -15 below zero run this past winter. Today it was 90 degrees at my apartment when I left for my run. I'm no math expert, but that is a 105 degree temperature difference. Factor in the wind chill from my winter run (-34) and it feels like somewhere around a 124 degree temperature difference!

Wow, what a state I live in.

Some good wildlife to report today, however. I saw three species of butterflies; the mourning cloak, Eastern tiger swallowtail, and many, many Monarchs. The big, orange butterflies are everywhere! I witnessed a gray squirrel doing his "flat" routine, trying to stay cool in the shade along the trail (it's tough being a furry creature on days like this, I would imagine). And, I even saw a sharp-shinned hawk making a beeline into a wooded area.

Unrelated to anything, I have been subsisting on leftover meat loaf sandwiches for my lunches this week. Here is a shot of Sunday's dinner. I am beginning to think this is one of the finest dishes I make. Man, I love meat loaf...

My signature dish?

Until next time,

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