Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Holiday weekend at home

Summer is in full swing. Yesterday’s run greeted me with (gasp!) 90 degree temperatures! I have a hard time running in the heat. Hey, at least it was not humid. Today I fared much better. Upper 70's, nice breeze...this is living!

The local park I run through has been a hotbed of wildlife activity. I saw a family of mallards again, but also a family of wood ducks (mom and her six children). The twelve-spotted skimmer dragonflies have emerged. I have also noticed many white sulfer butterflies (which of the dozens of species, I am not sure!), along with many Monarchs. And on almost a daily basis, I am moving a painted turtle from the trail. I think they like sunning themselves there, but I don’t want them to get run over by bikers. The turtles really don’t like being picked up all that much!

This afternoon, I saw something really cool; one of the resident baby eagles was flying around with one of its parents. I was really hoping to see them leave the nest, which I did not. And I have not seen the young ones since they left the nest, so it was a treat to see him airborne and doing so well. The poor little guy was being harassed by a few red-winged blackbirds!

For the first time ever, I am staying put for the 4th of July weekend, so there will be no fighting of holiday traffic for this guy. My Mom is not going to be home this weekend, so I will plan my trip up north for another weekend! I do have a few things planned. On Friday, I will do a leisurely 10k fun run in Excelsior, and on Sunday I am joining some relatives for dinner. My cousin Pablo is in town, and he is making his famous (if not notorious) “kung pow” chicken! I can’t wait to see everyone, and the food will be awesome!

Until next time,

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