Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Play ball!

Yesterday was fun. My company did a corporate outing and went to the American Association all star baseball game. This was the all star game for the league that the local St. Paul Saints team plays in, and this year the game happened to be hosted at Midway Stadium.

A shot of Midway Stadium during the home run derby

It is always so hard to plan events in the summer here in Minnesota because you can never count on the weather. But we could not have ordered up a much nicer day. Low 80’s, very little humidity, and absolutely gorgeous. Just a perfect summer day! We had a cookout beforehand, watched the skills competition and the home run derby, and took in the game.

Celebrity sighting! I got to see Bill Murray at the game. Murray has been a member of the Saints ownership group since the inception of the team. He seemed to be quite gracious with fans, as I observed him signing several autographs and chatting with folks. Kind of cool seeing “Carl” in person. The man loves his golf, so I wonder where he teed it up earlier in the day?

Bill at the ball game

Since I missed running yesterday due to all the festivities, it felt good to get out and run today. It was warm, 86 degrees, and a bit breezy. Not too humid, however, so that made it feel not so hot and oppressive.

Not a lot to report in the way of wildlife. We seem to have hit the midsummer "doldrums" as far as the birds are concerned. Everyone who is supposed to be here is here, and they are all with their kids right now. So it was mainly the usual suspects along the route.

What I am starting to notice, however, is the grasshoppers. I am seeing lots of them along the trails, and I have always taken that as a sign that summer is winding down and that fall is soon approaching. Oh, no! It just started to get nice! :)

Here is hoping our stretch of decent weather lasts for a while longer!

Until next time,

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