Sunday, July 20, 2008

School Lunch

On Friday I made one of those retro dishes that I remember from the days of elementary school and school lunches; tater tot hot dish.

School lunch never tasted this good

You know the dish; ground beef, chopped onion, cream of celery/mushroom/chicken soup (or a combination thereof), french-style green beans, maybe a little cheese, and tater tots on top. Perhaps it was referred to as "casserole" in your neck of the woods. Here in Minnesota, it is called "hot dish! :)

Of course, I gilded the lily a little bit and used herbs de Provence to season, added garlic, carrots, peas, Vermont white cheddar, and tater tots made of Yukon gold potatoes. So this was not your school lunch variety tater tot hot dish. It was exceptional, if I do say so myself!

With the exception of a 17 mile run on Saturday, this has been a fairly lazy weekend; I've watched the British Open in the mornings, went shopping yesterday afternoon, and got Chinese takeout for dinner.

The run on Saturday was exciting. I was greeted with lots of wildlife; a white pelican on the lake, a few great blue herons, at least a couple of dozen gray catbirds (they were everywhere in the thickets along the trail), and 13 cottontail rabbits (a .76 BPM run...not bad).

The funniest wildlife encounter occurred shortly into my run. It was around 6 AM and I heard crashing sounds in the woods on my left. I saw a rotund raccoon scrambling for cover. He climbed up a tree, perhaps no more than 6 feet up, stopped, and peeked around the side of the trunk at me. He just sat there, looking like a bear cub! It was rather humorous. I figured the bandit must have just been getting in for the evening after a night of tipping over garbage cans. He was cute!

This was another beautiful morning in the 60's with a fair amount of humidity. The pace was leisurely but steady, I consumed lots of liquids along with a couple gels, and I felt really good and strong. Perhaps I have the tater tot hot dish to thank for that? :)

Until next time,

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