Thursday, August 28, 2008

Belated post about my Sunday run

This week has been crazy. I’ve been busy preparing a release at work. I hate it when work gets in the way of play!

I have been meaning for days to talk about my Sunday run. The run wasn’t long, just a shade over 7 miles, but it was just so much fun. The morning was so cool and calm, around 50 degrees and very crisp. I did a loop around my lake and had the trails virtually to myself. The water was still, and it reflected the sunrise beautifully.

You almost forget how great it feels to run in cool weather. It makes it pretty difficult to overheat, so I felt downright strong. Downright speedy, too. What a glorious morning to run. This is one of those days you dream about as a runner. Spectacular.

What would a post be without some talk of food? This past weekend, I made my own homemade, open-faced beef commercial sandwich. It turned out great. Slow cooked pot roast, homemade mashed red potatoes, some nice sourdough bread, and a beef stock/red wine gravy that was good enough to be its own food group. Admittedly, a little upscale for what it is, but delicious nonetheless!

My homemade "beef commercial" sandwich

Also, on Saturday, I went to the Minnetonka Drive In for lunch. Is there anything better than enjoying a California Supreme burger and fries at a picnic table of an old time drive in?

The Minnetonka Drive In rocks

And now, tomorrow is Friday, and a holiday weekend at that. Nice.

Until next time,

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