Friday, August 22, 2008

Busy week

Wow, no posts since Sunday? Good grief, the week has flown by!

I had a quite busy week, as I was preparing for a release at work. Couple that with the fact that I had a cold since Sunday (it seems to be fading now, but Wednesday was miserable), and the fact that the Olympics are killing my sleep schedule...well, let's just say it makes for a tiring week as well.

But today is Friday, and I happened to have the day off! Instead of doing my long run on Saturday, I did it today. 17 miles...tough miles, too. Lots of humidity and wind, and the temperature heated up very quickly.

I saw 12 bunnies again today, and I was wondering if they were the same 12 I saw last weekend? :) Regardless, the Bunnies Per Mile ratio was slightly increased as a results of going one mile shorter than last weekend (a respectable .70 BPM).

I also saw some interesting birds this morning. I started my run at sunrise, and I noticed several nighthawks swooping erratically and snapping up insects above the road. I guess they do much of their feeding at dusk and dawn, so it was cool to be able to watch them in action!

Not much on the agenda for the weekend. There are so many different sporting events on TV that I don't know what to do with myself; pre-season football is in full swing, golf, a couple of NASCAR races, and of course, the Olympics. I do hope to catch some of the men's marathon on TV, so I hope I can figure out what time it is on!

Until next time,

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