Sunday, August 17, 2008

Model change

First, a couple of funny moments from my Friday afternoon run:

1. I was running through my neighborhood, and a member of the Hennepin County Sheriff's K9 unit was parked near the sidewalk. The deputy was standing outside of his SUV talking on a cell phone. As I ran by him, the German shepherd in the back of the truck completely flew off the handle and started going nuts. He was barking and snarling, seemingly wanting a piece of me. In the past, I have written that I am not a dog person and that I seem to attract dogs. Good grief, now the police dogs are out to get me. I was really hoping he didn't get out of the vehicle and mistake me for a "perp," as they would say in cop lingo!

2. While running on a paved trail near my lake, I got passed by a guy on roller skates. Not roller blades, I am talking the genuine 1970's, roller rink, "that last song was couples only, now this one's an all-skate" kind of skates. Not only that, but he seemed to be practicing dance moves on the trail. Up ahead of me, I could see him stopping to do 360 degree spins, skating backwards on one skate with his other leg in the air, etc. This guy was a sequined jacket and a Bee Gees album away from being the living embodiment of the Disco Stu character from "The Simpson's." It was a classic, good humored running moment for me. What can I say? It truly is the little things that I find amusing.

Saturday, I did an 18 mile run. It was a perfect morning to run, cool in the 60's, relatively calm, and not a cloud in the sky. The run went really well, and I was quite happy with my performance.

On my long run, I saw 12 cottontail rabbits (for a 0.67 BPM ratio), many gray catbirds, a Baltimore oriole (first one since early summer), and dozens of song sparrows, some of which were carrying food, leading me to believe they had a second batch of youngsters.

You can also tell that the fall marathon season is upon us, judging by the number of people training. Yesterday had to have been a record for the number of runners I saw on the trails. Normally I see a few folks out running early on a weekend, but at one point, I met a group of a dozen or so runners (obviously part of a training group). There were lots of people out and about, and I expect to see more of the same on weekends up until the Twin Cities Marathon.

Following the run, I went to my running store to get some new shoes. I had been running with the Brook's "Adrenaline" series of shoes for a few years (absolutely loved these shoes), and it finally happened; I got burned with a model change.

The newer Adrenaline GTS8 seems much smaller and more narrow in the front, and my toes were almost getting pinched, causing some discomfort and numbness after a long run. The previous GTS7 model felt wider and had a much larger toe box by comparison. Crap!

I spent about a half an hour with the good folks at Start Line, trying on some alternatives and running with them on the treadmill. They took the time to help me with the shoes to make sure I got a proper fit and found the right shoes. I settled on a pair of Mizuno "Wave Inspire 4's" that felt just great. They reminded me of my previous model of Brooks and were roomy and comfortable (and also lighter). I am hopeful that these will do the trick.

And, just my two cents to the shoe manufacturers out there; when you have a good thing going, don't screw with it! :)

Unrelated to anything, here is tonight's dinner:

Lasagna with Minnesota sweet corn

Ooh, and here are my awesome homemade sweet pickles as well!

Until next time,

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