Wednesday, August 06, 2008

There is a golf course named after me, and other random notes

I am heading up to Mom and Dad's for a long weekend in the North Country. Just a few anecdotal notes before I golf:

1. There is apparently a golf course named after me out in Pennsylvania! Well, not actually names after me specifically, but I think it is kind of cool that it not only shares my name, but also my hobby (link is here). If I am ever in Pennsylvania, I will have to play a round here.

2. I mentioned in the previous post that I am researching southern Minnesota's beef commercial sandwich. I have started a blog to share my findings (link is here).

3. I saw my first cedar waxwings of the year while running on Monday. There were at least a couple dozen of these nomadic birds in a deeply wooded spot along my running trail. I think they were interested in the sumac, but I am not entirely sure. Very fun to see these sleek, racy looking birds!

I am taking off to Mom and Dad's on Thursday afternoon. I haven't been up there since May when I ran the Superior Trail 25k, so that is a long time away for me. I am looking forward to getting up there, and I will report on my adventures when I return next week!

Until next time,

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