Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fall approaching?

Fall colors, soon coming to a Minnesota tree near you (well, if you are in Minnesota, I guess!)

Wow, what a difference a few days makes! This past weekend we had temperatures reach 90. Today, we aren’t supposed to crack 70. Heck, it is only 65 as I type this.

This is definitely a good thing for runners. The temperature has been so comfortable, and it makes for great running. You feel so much more energized when you don't have the heat to bog you down. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of days.

There are signs of fall as the bird activity is definitely starting to pick up as well. Late summer is usually fairly stagnant, but now I am starting to see some birds that are presumably on the move. I had not seen the Eastern kingbirds for awhile, but now they are present in the meadow again. I’ve spotted a few flickers and lots of different hawks as well. There was even a cormorant flying over the lake this afternoon, and I have not seen one of them since early spring.

And I had an interesting encounter with a cedar waxwing. He flew up out of a shrub and landed in a tree at eye level along side the trail. I stopped running. The bird just sat there with a giant berry in his mouth. I was 5 feet from him. The waxwing sat there for about 10 seconds, squeaked at me with his high-pitched trill, and flew off. There are no signs of mass migration just yet, but that will pick up soon.

Another sign of fall is that I am deliriously excited that tonight officially marks the start of football season! I am looking forward to watching all the NFL action over the coming months. There seems to be a lot of excitement surrounding the Vikes this year, but I am not convinced. I am setting my expectations low in hopes that I will be wrong! My fantasy team has the potential to suck pretty bad, but who cares? It’s football season!!!

Ready for some football,

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