Sunday, September 28, 2008

The fuzzy squirrels are upon us

A shot from my deck on this slightly foggy morning. Fall is here!

Following the marathon last weekend, it has been back to work and back to similar routines. There is always something of a letdown after a journey has ended because you have to fall back into your normal routine. But, that gives me an excuse to start planning something else, right? :) I need to get going on that!

By and large, I felt great following last weekend's race. I even went running four times this past week, including an 11 miler on Saturday, and a 5 miler today. All of the runs were very easy, and I didn't push myself very much.

Saturday's run was overcast with a slight mist, but it was oh, so comfortable for running. I had a number of birds and some wildlife, too. I saw a belted kingfisher, great egret, great blue heron, the resident eagle, tons of robins and sparrows, and three bunnies over the course of 11 miles (a mere .27 BPM).

Today, I ran in dense fog with a temperature of 50 degrees, making it somewhat clammy, but still pleasant. Not as much wildlife today, but there were tons of sparrows, and I saw as many bunnies today in 5 miles as I did yesterday (a total of 3 for a .60 BPM, effectively skewing the Bunnies Per Mile ratio data).

One thing I did notice was that there was an abundance of gray squirrels, and they are getting fuzzy. Their whitish winter fur is becoming noticeable on their fluffy tails and tiny ears. This can only mean that colder days are upon us when the squirrels become fuzzy! Now, where did I put my winter running gear?

Dinner tonight was nothing extravagant, but it was darned tasty. I made a chicken tetrazzini, a baked chicken, mushroom, and pasta dish in a wine and cream sauce.

Chicken tetrazzini; a good dish on a cooler fall day!

Anthony Bourdain would hate me for this, but I used a Jamie Oliver recipe from his Jamie's Italy cookbook! Aside from adding peas and seasoning the chicken with herbes de Provence and some crushed red pepper, I followed the recipe pretty closely and it turned out very nice. The result is a creamy baked pasta with a crusty layer of cheese and crispy noodles on top. Not too shabby!

Until next time,

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