Saturday, September 06, 2008

My dental hygienist says the sweetest things

Yesterday I had my dentist appointment for the regular twice a year cleaning. My dentist is awesome. She was an Olympic runner years ago, so we always get to chat about running. She was asking me about races I had done, and what I had coming up. We talked about how many people think it is strange to plan a vacation around a race. She's cool, and believe it or not, it is always fun to visit the dentist!

The dental hygienist was not my regular one, so she did not know me prior to yesterday. She was listening to the conversation, and when the dentist finished up the exam, the hygienist resumed with the cleaning.

She asked me, "Are you a runner?" to which I answered yes.

Then she asked, "Were you also in the Olympics?"

I have been mistaken for a lot of things. But an Olympian was never one of them. Up until yesterday, the best was being mistaken for a U of M cross country runner at a local race. Yesterday's dentist visit topped that episode by a long shot.

After a fit of laughter, I explained that I was a only a mere mortal recreational runner at best, neither fast nor talented. The hygienist laughed too and said, "A lot of the doctor's patients are athletes, so I wasn't sure!"

"But," she said, "you look like a runner."

Now wasn't that a sweet thing to say? I am now nearly 20 years removed from playing any sort of organized sport, but now I finally at least resemble an athlete! Of course, she might have a different opinion had she seen me trying to drag my sorry ass up and down Moose Mountain at the Superior Trail Races last spring, but I will take a compliment wherever I can get one. :)

So apparently, I look like a runner. To borrow a line from Bill Murray in Caddyshack, "So I got that going for me...which is nice."

P.S. - No cavities, either...even after eating all those sugary gel packs on my long runs this year! :)

Yours in Olympic greatness,

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