Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The woolly bear rescue mission

I absolutely love running this time of year. Is there a better time in Minnesota than the fall?

This afternoon was a glorious 59 degrees, overcast, and with a nice breeze. A fantastic day to run. I always feel so much faster and stronger when running in the cooler weather, and today I was indeed fast and strong.

I should say I was fast when I wasn't stopping to save the fuzzy woolly bear caterpillars from certain doom on the bike trail!

These little dudes are all over the place, and for the last week or so I have been on a mission to help a few of them out. I have carried many of them to the safety of the grass on the trails edge. Even though they have lots of feet, they aren't very quick, so I am hoping they appreciate the assistance. Cute little buggers!

A woolly bear, rescued from the trail!

The trees continue to turn rapidly, and I am still seeing some different birds making their way south. Today I saw a few chipping sparrows on the move, a yellow-shafted flicker, and there were also a number of cormorants on the lake.

Crisp, cool mornings, mild days, pretty colors; you can tell that fall is most certainly here.

Now, how soon until we see snow? :)

Saving the woolly bears, one at a time,

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