Tuesday, September 09, 2008

You say it's your birthday

On this day in 1991 as a college student, I strolled into an Iowa liquor store and bought a case of Miller Lite, just because I was finally old enough.

Seventeen years later, I am happy to say that my taste in beer has improved dramatically.

That is right, folks, it is my birthday! Another year older, hopefully wiser, but probably not any better looking! ;-)

This week has been blessed with cooler temperatures. We are now entering a great time of year to be a runner in Minnesota. Sunday I did a little over 18 miles and had a most fun morning run. Adding to the enjoyment was the inexplicable fact that the trails were nearly vacant on Sunday morning. Not sure if most of the runners were taking Sunday off, but I didn’t see more than 10 people during my entire journey.

I encountered 10 bunnies on this day (that would be a .55 BPM ratio), even stopping to chat with one of my regular dudes who is always in the same spot happily munching away on his grass. There were lots of birds as well, including a pair of swans (Tundra swans, I am guessing – they were too far away to be certain), cormorants, catbirds, flickers, and many young song sparrows (there must have been a large number of late hatches or second batches of them, because the little guys are all over the place!).

Signs of fall are upon us. I am starting to see a slight yellowing of the leaves on the trees. Some of the sumac and other smaller shrubs are even developing a reddish tint to them. A few more really cool mornings like today (44 degrees!), and we will definitely be noticing a visual change in the seasons.

Eating local; bacon from Thielen’s in Pierz, locally produced cracked wheat bread, and Minnesota grown basil and tomatoes

In food news, I’ve been enjoying a bounty of great produce. The Minnesota sweet corn has been nothing short of outstanding this year. And over the weekend, I had some wonderful tomatoes that were perfect on my “BBT” (bacon, basil, tomato) sandwich, also made with a locally produced artisan bacon. It is a shame that you can’t get vegetables this good year round, but I think that makes us appreciate them more when they are in season. Needless to say, I think I have eaten my body weight in sweet corn over the past few weeks!

Tonight’s birthday dinner is going to he a homemade pizza (no doubt some of my awesome little grape tomatoes will be used as a topping), and then I am going to watch that new show, Fringe on FOX. It looks weird, kind of like “Lost,” so it could be right up my alley.

Until next time,

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