Monday, October 20, 2008

My weekend cooking projects

I managed to do some good cooking over the weekend.

On Saturday, I made shredded pork tacos. I took a pork shoulder roast that I coated with a variety of southwestern spices, seared it, and then braised the meat in a crock pot with beer. I shredded the pork and made tacos with refried black beans, chopped onion and tomato, cilantro, habanero-jack cheese (spicy!), and my homemade guajillo chile salsa.

My shredded pork tacos with guajillo chile salsa

Oh, baby! Tender, flavorful pork with an assortment of fresh flavors and textures, topped off with a mild, yet complex, smoky red salsa; a perfect accompaniment to an evening of college football!

Sunday, I whipped up a batch of my Norwegian meatballs. For all intensive purposes, these are what everyone knows as Swedish meatballs. It’s just that I am Norwegian, so I will call them what I want! They are a blend of beef and pork. I add sautéed red onion and seasoned with a variety of what I consider to be "Scandinavian spices" (allspice, ground ginger, nutmeg, mace, white pepper). Bound together with egg, moistened bread crumbs, and a little honey, I sear the meatballs in a hot skillet and simmer them in beef stock and half & half, which is eventually thickened to make cream gravy.

My Norwegian (not Swedish) meatballs

Of course, traditional Swedish meatballs always have lingonberry jam served as a condiment. As these are not really Swedish meatballs, I changed the rules. A $6 jar of lingonberry jam from the grocery store can’t possibly be better than my Mom’s homemade wild raspberry preserves, can it? I think not. No question, this was a wonderful Sunday supper!

To burn off some excess calories from a lunch consisting of the aforementioned Norwegian meatballs, I went running this afternoon. A gorgeous fall day! 55 degrees, bright and sunny, and a bit of a breeze. It was a delightful scamper around the neighborhood.

I wish this kind of weather would stick around for awhile. However, during my drive to work today I saw the first ominous symbol that indicates winter is on the way; a lawn sign advertising snow plowing! :)

Until next time,

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