Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You shook me all night long

Fall colors, still hanging in there

A quick story from the past weekend; On Saturday, I was driving around running some errands. The local classic rock station, KQRS, has been playing the recently released song by AC/DC, “Rock 'n Roll Train.” It is as you might expect from AC/DC; powerful, guitar driven, and just good ol’ hard-charging rock music.

The song happened to be on, and as any classic rock fan knows, when AC/DC is playing on the radio, it is mandatory that you play it loud and “turn it up to 11,” as the guys in the movie "This is Spinal Tap" might say.

While sitting at a stoplight, I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed that the world was blurry. That is because I was playing my car stereo so loud that it was vibrating the mirror!

I felt so immature. I’m the guy who complains about all the kids and their loud car stereos, and here I am just as bad! What can I say? I guess when the mood strikes, you just need to rock! :)

More colors along the trail. Leaves have really begun to fall.

The fall colors are beginning to fade somewhat. I am calling last Saturday as the official "peak" of the fall colors. Monday's rain appears to have taken its toll, and many leaves have begun to drop. This has been a most colorful and long-lasting fall, however!

Running has been outstanding. High temperatures have been in the mid 50's, which is ideal for me. Love it when it is cool. And on my runs, I am still seeing some migrating birds that are in the process of bugging out of here. There are a few chipping and song sparrows that I noticed on the trail, and the American coots are starting to show up on my lake. It won't be long and all of our "summer tourists" will be out of here!

Until next time,

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