Saturday, November 08, 2008

11 miles in the wind and the snow

The snow from the pictures in my previous post never stuck around. Just a little too warm. But it sure was pretty yesterday. The trees looks as if they had been spray painted white!

This morning I awoke to some brisk, blustery conditions. The temperature was around 33 degrees, and I ran 11 miles in light snow flurries (nothing was accumulating on the trails) and occasional 30 MPH wind gusts. Actually, most of my route is fairly well sheltered except for the east side of the lake. The strong northwest wind made that stretch a wee bit chilly. I do love this time of year, and running in weather like this (perhaps with the exception of the wind) is delightful.

We are getting to that time of year where the only birds I see are my "usual suspects." That would be the chickadees, cardinals, blue jays, and various woodpeckers who are year round residents. There were a few lingering cormorants, coots, and ducks on the lake, but they should be hitting the road (in fact, that is what I told's getting cold!).

Aside from some shopping, I haven't done much today. Being an overcast, windy, cold day, it seemed like the perfect excuse to stay inside and cook.

Tonight I am making a cassoulet for dinner, and it just went in the oven a few minutes ago. It isn't authentic French (I don't exactly have duck confit hanging around in my fridge), so I am using some good ingredients that I can find here; three kinds of dried beans, some beautiful lamb shanks, and four different kinds of locally-produced sausages!

I have never made cassoulet before, and of course I am not following any one particular recipe. I either have a disaster in the making, or it could be something special. If nothing else, it should be some warming comfort food to eat by the fireplace on a chilly night in Minnesota.

Until next time,

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