Friday, November 21, 2008


...degrees, that is.

That was the temperature on my drive in to work today. 9 degrees. Brrrrrr!

The last two nights have been somewhat chilly on my runs. Wednesday was in the low 30's and yesterday in the mid 20's, but the wind was raging out of the northwest, producing a fairly significant wind chill. I actually wore a ski mask yesterday because it was so raw. 'Tis the season to bundle up, I guess.

Not too much to report in the way of wildlife over the last two days, either. Yesterday there was a solitary deer that peeked her head of of the brush to check me out before retreating to the safety of a grove of trees, but that was about it.

Our potluck at work yesterday was a tremendous amount of fun, and my calico bean hot dish (complete with the Denny Hamlin-sponsored pork and beans mentioned in the previous post) was a huge hit. There were no leftovers to take home, so they were apparently enjoyed by all.

We had all kinds of your good, typical office potluck fare; an assortment of salads, sloppy joes, cocktail weenies, chips, dips, and plenty of desserts. Needless to say, I ended up having a pretty light dinner last night!

Have a great weekend!

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