Saturday, November 01, 2008

Even more signs of winter

I witnessed more signs of winter this week.

On Wednesday, I had an extremely long day at work. I got home late and ended up running in the dark with my headlamp. Some guy was out in his driveway testing out Christmas lights! He had a long strand of red lights and a giant electric wreath on the pavement and was dragging out more extension cords. Wow...not even Halloween yet at this point!

(As a side note, this is a couple doors down from the house where the wire hair terrier barks at me on a daily basis...and even he was outside at this hour, letting me have it! I tell you, my furry nemesis never misses a day!)

Friday was Halloween. On my drive into work in the early morning, I observed Christmas lights actually adorning the deck of an apartment. Clearly, the Christmas spirit has arrived early in Minnesota this year, which can only mean that winter will be upon us soon. :)

That being said, the weather has been gorgeous this week. We have hit 60 for the past few days, and on Thursday we had 72 degrees! It was nice to be able to run in shorts and a light shirt for perhaps one of the last times this year.

This morning I awoke to around 35 degrees, and I did a little more than 7 miles. Very crisp and cool, with frost in the low areas. I got to see a beautiful sunrise on what was a calm day. Even though the wildlife was somewhat quiet today with just a couple of ducks, a coot, and one lone bunny, I saw no people at all; no bikers, runners, or even people walking their dogs. The trails were all mine, and it was a fantastic, spirited scamper around the lake.

Not much on the agenda. I am just kind of decompressing from a busy week at the office. Aside from the run this morning and some grocery shopping, I have no plans but to do some cooking and watch sports. And that is how weekends should be!

Until next time,

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