Sunday, November 16, 2008

Looking like November

It is certainly looking like November. There are no leaves left on the trees, and the landscape is growing stark.

A gray November day with ducks on the pond

Saturday morning I ended up going for a 13.5 mile run. The temperature was around 30 degrees, it was slightly overcast, and an occasional ghostly flurry of snow would drift by. There was a slight breeze, but I was really comfortable, hence my decision to run as far as I did. Great run.

I didn't see too much in the way of wildlife on the run. Just the usual mallards, geese, and winter songbirds. But I did see plenty when I went shopping following my run.

I was driving through what is still a fairly rural area in the northwest suburbs when I saw a beautiful deer running through a field. A nice buck with at least 6 points. A very healthy, good looking deer.

Not far from there, I drove past a freshly plowed field that butted up to a small woodland. In the field were five wild turkeys feeding! I was the only car on the road, so I slowed way down to take a look at them. They are huge, and actually quite majestic. What a sight! I have seen wild turkeys before, but never than many together.

Saturday's dinner was shrimp pad Thai. I broke from the traditional flat rice stick noodles and opted for the round, thin ones instead. Why? Because it is my dish, that is why! :) But seriously, I like the thin noodles better. While perhaps not as traditional, they are lighter, retain more of an al dente texture than the flat, thicker noodles, and they are just more fun, I think. A great meal. This could be my favorite Thai dish.

Saturday's shrimp pad Thai

Sunday I did 7 miles, and there was a little more activity. I scared up a bunny near the cemetery, chased a red fox through a neighborhood (he kept running ahead of me and stopping, but I kept catching up to him), found a few hooded mergansers mixing it up with some mallards, and the resident eagle flew over me.

It had snowed overnight, so there was just a light dusting on the trails. I came across something intriguing. There was a spot on the trail that looked like it had been swept away in sort of an erratic motion. In the center of the sweeping was a half-eaten mouse carcass. My theory is that this was the work of an owl, since it had to have happened overnight, and its wings brushed away the snow. Interesting stuff.

There is always something to see, in any season.

Until next time,

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