Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The official beans of NASCAR

Thursday we are having our Thanksgiving potluck lunch at the office and I am bringing my famous calico bean hot dish. I picked up my ingredients at the grocery store last night. My recipe requires six different types of canned beans.

You all know by now that I thoroughly enjoy NASCAR, but I was actually laughing out loud in the store when I saw this. Check out the can of Van Camp's Pork and Beans. Is there anything these guys won't put their faces on?

"I'm Denny Hamlin, and I heartily endorse these beans."

This absolutely cracked me up; I mean, Denny Hamlin trying to look tough on a can of pork and beans? It seems so absurd and reminded me of a Simpson's episode where they were in a home improvement store and there was a display for "Jaclyn Smith's Axe Heads." I am hoping that next season another driver like Carl Edwards endorses a rival canned bean (maybe Bush's "Grillin' Beans," for instance) and the two start feuding. :)

Anyhow, I had a nice run this evening. Temperatures were in the low 30's, but a strong south wind gave us a wind chill of 20, so I was bundled up pretty good! The good thing was that I had the wind at my back for the second half of the run, which was sweet. I clipped right along. I even saw three eagles riding the currents. They were having a tough time in the wind, and at times they looked almost stationary like a kite. Quite beautiful.

Until next time,

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