Friday, November 14, 2008

An unexpected new bird

Lately I have been talking about how all of the summer birds have taken off, and that it is just the usual suspects that I have been seeing.

On Wednesday, I had the most unexpected surprise. On my run, I stopped on the bridge where the creek flows into the lake because I saw a small waterbird. I knew what species it was, but it wasn't until I got home and reviewed my field guide that I could positively identify it.

It was a horned grebe in winter plumage. The only other possibility would have been its relative, the eared grebe, but it was not. The large white cheek was the giveaway. This was a new bird for my life list, too. Very exciting!

The middle of our week has been somewhat mild. It was actually 45 degrees on Thursday, which made for great running. I am afraid the weather is starting to bottom out, however. Tomorrow the temperatures aren't supposed to get above freezing, and the long range forecast seems to have us solidly in the 30's for the foreseeable future. Winter is approaching! :)

Enjoy the weekend, all!

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