Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Charlie Brown, and fresh snow

On Monday night, I watched the "Charlie Brown Christmas" special. This is the one Christmas special that I absolutely must see every year. It is a classic, and what can I say? I loved the Peanuts cartoons. In fact, I thought it was worth dragging out an old picture:

Yours truly, from the Halloween of 2007 office party. My aunt knitted this sweater for me when I was in high school! :)

The 3-6 inches of snow never materialized in my neighborhood in the northwest metro on Monday night. There is maybe 2 inches on the ground, and some of that was from Saturday's snowfall. It was just enough to screw up the roads and make Tuesday's drive to work kind of interesting. I guess the south metro got hammered pretty good, however, with some areas receiving up to the predicted 6 inches, so there was a very pronounced line of snow that divided the Twin Cities. Whatever the case, things are looking pretty white here in Minnesota!

Tuesday's run was great. The temperature was a crisp but comfortable 18 degrees and the skies were bright and sunny. The local bike trails were plowed and there was a nice, crunchy layer of snow to run on. I enjoy running on this kind of surface. The packed snow offers both cushion and moderately good traction.

Although, I do need to get my "winter legs" back. You can feel different muscles being worked on when you run in snow. There is more effort involved, and you occasionally "spin your wheels," so you end up getting a very nice workout. I love winter running (even though it is not officially winter yet!).

Until next time,

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