Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Children of the 80's, prepare to feel old

I had recorded "Sixteen Candles" on my DVR and watched it recently. People who went to high school in the 80's will certainly remember this classic high school comedy-drama that introduced us to everyone's favorite girl next door, Molly Ringwold.

I ended up Googling the name of one of the actresses, Haviland Morris (the gorgeous blonde girlfriend of the Jake Ryan character), to see if she had done anything else.

Did you know that Haviland Morris is 49 years old? 49! I realize some time has passed since this movie was made. But still, it blows my mind that Caroline from "Sixteen Candles" is a year away from being able to get an AARP card!

Wow, I feel old.

(Also, did you know she is really a redhead? She wore a blonde wig for "Sixteen Candles." See, you can learn stuff here on my blog!)

Unrelated to anything, here is a Thai basil shrimp stir-fry I made on Monday. The rice that accompanies it is a Thai black sweet rice, which is not only tasty and mighty attractive, but it also leaves a permanent purple stain in the aluminum bowl of your rice cooker! :)

Thai basil shrimp with black rice

Until next time,

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