Saturday, December 13, 2008

A funny thing happened at the running store

Today I went to visit my good friends at Start Line, my favorite running store, to pick up some new shoes and new winter gloves. I heard something absolutely hysterical.

I had already been helped with my shoes, so I was looking through the selection of gloves. A few other customers were milling around, trying on shoes, and running on the treadmill. Some members of the staff were conversing with a couple that had just entered the store.

One of the staff recognized the female customer and reintroduced herself. They had apparently met at a race over the summer. It finally dawned on the female customer that they had met before, and she responded (loudly):

"Oh, sure! I didn't recognize you with all you clothes on!"

The entire store heard this, and everyone (staff and customers, myself included) erupted into laughter.

I love runners. They have the best senses of humor.

Just had to share. I will update you on Friday's bowling exploits later!

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