Thursday, December 04, 2008

Turkey sandwiches, race photos, and charcuterie

Just a few random notes to wrap up Thanksgiving:

-Following Thanksgiving, my brother and I both love making hot turkey sandwiches with leftover turkey, Swiss cheese, and barbecue sauce. I am not sure which one of us started the trend, but we both make these and have done so for years. I had previously thought this simple sandwich was unimprovable. That is, until I put it in a sandwich press and made a panini out of it. Oh, baby, oh! I have been pretty much subsisting on these for much of the week.

-There is a cool picture of me from the recent Turkey Run in St. Paul that made it onto The Sporting Life' website (scroll to picture #11 in the slide show). I get to see so few action shots of myself, and I thought this one was particularly good because it looks like I actually know what I am doing and have somewhat decent form! :)

-My brother has been getting into charcuterie and does a lot of his own smoking and curing of meats. At Thanksgiving, he sent me home with some of his homemade pepperoni, which was absolutely excellent as a pizza topping. Most pepperoni is quite fatty and renders out little oil slicks on top of your pizza. But my brother's version was not at all greasy like that. Great stuff; dense, meaty, flavorful, and it cooks up beautifully. Last night's pizza was really, really good.

Homemade pizza with my brother's homemade pepperoni and a few green olives

Until next time,

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