Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January heatwave

OK, I am kidding. It is only 22 degrees. But it still feels like a heatwave!

It is 22 degrees...and I am running WITHOUT a full face mask! :)

A very pleasant afternoon for running. A wee bit of sunshine found its way through the cloud cover and made for a lovely January day.

Several places along the roads and trails were actually showing some bare pavement where the salt did its job. Oh my, is it fun to run when you have traction!

It was enjoyable not having to bundle up in multiple layers, and to not have to wear the full face mask. There was very little wind, so once I got going, I was plenty warm.

I stopped near my turnaround point and snapped this photo. I thought the clouds were particularly pretty, producing this unique pattern across the sky. As I said, a pleasant afternoon for running.

A cool cloud pattern on this January afternoon

Tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to be even warmer with a possible 30 degrees of more. This will be short lived, however. Look at what's in store for the weekend.

Well, it is January, after all.

Until next time,

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