Thursday, January 15, 2009

Office Space

With my promotion, I got moved to a new department, and to a new location in the building. For the first time in my professional career, I have an honest-to-goodness “office,” and not a cubicle.

And, what an office it is! It belonged to the president of my company. He recently moved to one of our new suites on a different floor, so his office was vacated. They moved another guy from my new department and me into this space and built it out so there are two private desks, which means I do have to share. But still, this is completely absurd. I have a corner office (did I mention it was a corner office?) with two VP’s sitting on either side of me, and I have a hell of a view overlooking a wooded area and a lake.

It is good to be the king.

The view from my office

It is a distinct possibility that I will never have an office this nice again. I am sure they will eventually hire some new executive that will need a real office and I will be moved to the cubicle next to the boiler room kind of like Milton in “Office Space,” so I will savor it while it lasts!

On my drive into work today, my dashboard thermometer measured -23 degrees. Our cold snap continues, and it is expected to reach -25 in my neighborhood tonight. But get this; possible upper 20’s and maybe some 30’s above zero early next week. That is quite a swing.

The run this evening was brisk again; -6 with a -24 wind chill according to the National Weather Circus. I was noticeably more frosted over on my return home than I was yesterday. Not sure why, as the temperature was nearly the same. But it was a good run today as well.

I noticed something humorous; on my typical weekday run, I have to take about a mile of a paved bike trail to get to the trails around the lake. Since it had snowed a light dusting on early Wednesday, I was able to see that my footprints from yesterday were the only footprints that had been on that trail in the last 24 hours! There were a few footprints around the trails along the lake, but none on my trail leading up to the lake. It would appear that not too many others in my neighborhood are very excited about our current weather pattern! :)

Oh, and just as a disclaimer, I had not seen Chad's post from yesterday prior to posting my report from yesterday. Except for the fact that he is discussing skiing, the similarities are eerie. I guess we Minnesotans are all kind of thinking the same thing right now!

Still sticking close to the fireplace,

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