Sunday, January 25, 2009

On Frozen Pond

Dice on Ice! The "Dicehouses" at this year's Art Shanty Projects.

They had predicted -14 for this morning's temperature. However, we received a real treat; it only ended up being -6! :)

I did another 5 mile run and had the trails to myself except for one other runner. Needless to say we were both bundled up and looked pretty ridiculous in our multiple layers, but he won the prize for apparel on this day. The dude was wearing those gigantic downhill skiing goggles with the amber lenses. I suppose that is one way to prevent your eyelashes from freezing over, isn't it?

Whatever the case, it was another good run, and the temperatures are supposed to warm up this week.

Following my run, I thought I would go and check out the Art Shanty Projects. Long time readers might remember me talking about this exhibit last year.

A sauna on ice! The "Sweat & Drink, Inc." shanty.

We love our fishing in the state of Minnesota. In fact, we love it so much that people will actually resort to dragging these portable shelters out onto the ice in the winter, drill a hole, and go fishing. Some folks build rather impressive "ice shanties" (most Minnesotans simply call them "fish houses") that have beds, TV's, and other comforts of home. Others, such as these artists, take it to a whole new level.

The Black Box Theater shanty, offering live musical and theatrical performances on Medicine Lake!

The Art Shanty Projects runs from late January into mid February every year. This exhibit takes place on the southeastern corner of Medicine Lake just a short walk onto the ice from East Medicine Lake Park. As you can see, the local artists take a great pride in their work with these fun, humorous, and downright impressive structures. Any hard core ice fisherman would be insanely jealous of these fish houses!

Who said you can't use the catamaran in January? This one is called the Ship in a Bottle shanty.

My personal favorite; The USS Walter Mondale submarine shanty. In fact, some have referred to Mondale's 1984 Presidential campaign as a "sinking ship!" :)

This was funny; Here we have a church ice shanty. The paper you see on the outside are from visitors who have posted their confessions!

Incidentally, it was all of -1 below zero when I was out on the lake, which (strange as it may seem) felt brutally cold compared to my last two runs where the temperature was colder. The lesson is that there is a huge difference between running in the cold vs. standing around in the cold!

That was enough outdoor activity for me today. The temperature is not supposed to get above 5 degrees, so I will now banish myself myself to the kitchen to prepare some lasagna for dinner! :)

Until next time,

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