Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Psycho is as psycho does

I had a really nice run this evening. I got home from work later than normal, so it was close to getting dark.

A light snow started to fall as I put in my 5 miles. The temperature was around 16 degrees, which felt quite comfortable. It was a very peaceful run.

So today I was have a conversation with one of my friends at work. We frequently discuss running, and she is well aware that I run outside year round. She was leaving today for somewhere in Florida for a vacation. While down there, she was going to run a race.

My friend was lamenting that the predicted low temperature down there was supposed to be 50 degrees the morning of race day and that she had no cold weather running gear packed. I told her that I didn't think that was too bad and said anytime it is above 40 degrees, I break out the shorts when I go running. She responded with:

"Yes, but you are psycho! The concept of 'cold' doesn't register with you!"

I laughed out loud. Apparently in the eyes of my coworkers, I am the Norman Bates of running. :)

The "Psycho" movie trailer: Here is hoping the Bates Motel isn't the "preferred lodging partner" for my next destination race...

Until next time,

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