Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shiny Happy Runners

What a day!

At noon today, I saw a temperature of 41 degrees! Wow, what a change.

I went running this morning before sunup, and it was much cooler. 25 at the start, but warmed considerably over the course of the run.

I ran a half marathon today. Not a race; I just happen to have a 13.1 mile route that I clocked in my neighborhood. It was somewhat challenging, as the snow pack on the trails was tuning to slush. But I made it!

The several runners I encountered today were positively jubilant. Enthusiastic shouts of "Good morning," "Nice day!", and "It's about time we got a day like this!" Many happy runners out there today. The song "Shiny Happy People" popped into my head.

Sing it with me now: "Shiny happy people, running!" :)

Heck, even the birds were excited about the weather. I heard cardinals singing wildly, and the chickadees were making their "fee-bee" noise, which is usually only heard in the spring and fall.

An odd, but most appreciated day in January. Had we not surpassed the freezing mark today, we would have set some sort of record that hasn't occurred since the late 1800's where there were zero days in January at or above freezing. Still, this was an exceptionally cold month.

REM's "Shiny Happy People"...or in this case, "Furry Happy Monsters!"

Enjoy your weekend!

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