Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Weather stats - or, as they say, welcome to Minnesota!

Tuesday was phenomenally gorgeous. In my neighborhood that afternoon, it was 26 degrees, bright and sunny, and barely a breath of wind. The trails offered decent traction, even if they were somewhat slushy in a few places. I was amazed at how warm it felt! What a difference sun and virtually no wind makes. The birds and animals seemed to be enjoying it as well. Chickadees were happily singing, and squirrels were playfully scampered through the woods. A delightful weekday run, I must say.

Today was back to reality; 10 degrees, a decent breeze, and pretty darn crisp. The trails firmed up, and they had run a plow since yesterday to clean things up, so the surface was nice and fast. I felt fairly speedy. Nice!

Speaking of weather, I was reading the 2008 climate summary for the Twin Cities on the local National Weather Circus office's website, (the report can be found here).

(By the way, I think I am turning into my Dad. I LOVE weather-related websites!)

Anyhow, according to their records:

-The last trace of snow in the spring was on April 27. Our first trace of snow recorded in the fall was on October 26. This means we had almost six consecutive months where it didn't snow here Twin Cities.

-The maximum warm temperature was 94 in July. The maximum low was -15 in February. (There seems to be discrepancy here; on page 1 of the report it lists the low for the year being -15 on Feb 18. However, in a table on page 4 under “ACTUAL DAILY EXTREME FOR EACH MONTH,” they list February with a maximum low of -14, and January with the maximum low of -15. If January actually had the maximum low, I am pretty sure it was the 19th. I had -15 in my neighborhood that day, and I went running! Whatever the case, -15 seems to be the official low.) For those keeping score at home, that is a 109 degree temperature difference! Goodness knows what that would be if you factor in heat index and wind chill.

Wow, we sure put up with a lot here over the course of a year, don't we?

Until next time,

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