Saturday, February 14, 2009

Double eagle

Hey, where did our warm weather go? :)

Of course, I kid. It is not even close to being spring yet. So I shouldn't have been surprised when the temperature was 10 degrees this morning!

That didn't stop me from doing 14 1/2 miles, however. Actually, it was a comfortable 10 degrees, if there is such a thing. The day started out calm with clear skies. I saw an amazing sunrise over the lake. Then skies quickly clouded over and some snow flurries began to fall. Nothing that was enough to cause any accumulation, but it was pretty.

The birds were very active again. Cardinals and chickadees are in abundance, and they were singing happily despite the cold. But the most exciting find was my eagles; BOTH of them are back!

As I approached the nest, I could see two chunky silhouettes sitting up in the tree. I was very happy to see that both of them had survived the harsh winter, and they are obviously getting into their nesting mode. I said "Hi" to them, but they just stared at me with their steely gaze, seemingly uninterested in my presence. Here is wishing them a successful nesting season, and I look forward to hopefully watching them raise a youngster or two this summer.

When I returned from my run, I was fairly frosted over. My face mask had ice on it, there was frost all over my stocking cap, and even the technical shirt I was wearing over my base layer shirt and under my jacket had some ice buildup on it! That was a first. There is never a dull moment running in Minnesota.

So, it was a chilly day. How about a little meat loaf for dinner?

Loaf of meat, with goat cheese mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus

I had not made meat loaf in some time, and it just sounded good. I use Alton Brown's recipe for the most part, except that I only use two pound of meat (still use equal parts beef and pork, though), saute the vegetables first (to cook out the raw taste and to give them some roasted flavor), add a little ketchup and Worcestershire sauce to the meat mixture, use fresh thyme instead of dried, add fresh chopped parsley, add some balsamic vinegar to the glaze, and roasted it in the pan (350 in the oven for about 1 hour, or until the temperature reaches 155 F) and opposed to turning it out onto a sheetpan.

Wow...OK, so maybe I don't use Alton Brown's recipe! All I know is this was damn good served with a side of mashed baby red potatoes spiked with a creamy, tangy Belgian goat cheese, and also some fresh asparagus. This is a tasty, comforting way to combat the cold here in Minnesota.

Until next time,

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