Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good old fashioned winter storm

Hey, this turned out to be a pretty decent storm.

A photo taken at my office around 3 PM today

Another shot from the office grounds; you could see grass on this field a few hours earlier!

The snow started at noon. By 12:30, I couldn't see the building that is less than a quarter mile from me. We are receiving anywhere between 4 and 8 inches according to the weather geeks. Certainly not the most I have ever seen, but it sure was enough to screw up the roads.

The drive home SUCKED, and it took twice as long as it usually does. The snow is very wet and heavy, and there was very little grip. Trying to pull away from an intersection was even challenging. Not fun. I am glad to be home.

On a positive note, I highly recommend eating a homemade pizza while watching the large flakes fall outside. :)

Tonight's pizza; oh yeah!

Welcome back, winter!

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