Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Long runs, more snow, and Clouseau

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day, around 38 degrees, sunshine, and a slight breeze. Since I was somewhat deprived of a long run over the weekend, I took advantage of the nice conditions and ran 11 miles after work.

The trails had indeed been plowed, and with the warmth they were all cleared off, making for easy and fast running. The temperature was fantastic as well. 38 degrees may sound cold. But trust me, it certainly doesn’t feel cold after what we have dealt with this winter! I love running in this weather. And I saw a couple of interesting things during my run.

Out on the lake, there was a guy with some contraption that resembled a parachute or a big kite. He had skis strapped to his feet. Letting the wind do its thing, he held onto this parachute/kite and was being pulled around the lake’s snowy surface on his skis. Is this called “para-skiing” or something? I have never seen anything like this. It looked like it would have been a tremendous amount of work, and I would bet it is a heck of an upper-body workout. But, he was cruising around at a pretty decent clip, even in what was only a moderate breeze.

Also, I saw both of my eagles. They were there on the way out and on the way back. In fact, as I was coming back, I even got to witness one of them flying overhead and landing directly in the nest. This is the first time this season I have seen one of them sitting in the nest, so they have obviously started their nesting. Very cool.

Of course, now that all of our snow has just about melted again, we are just in time for yet another snow storm! The National Weather Circus is predicting that upwards of 9 inches could fall tomorrow. Good grief! Should this come to fruition, it would be our most significant snowfall of the winter. Looks like my trails will need to be plowed again. Ugh!

On a completely unrelated tangent, over the weekend I recorded “The Pink Panther Strikes Again” on my DVR. I was reminder how fantastic the “Pink Panther” series of movies were as well as how great old movies, especially old comedies, are.

Of course, when I am talking about “Pink Panther” movies, I am only referring to the ones starring Peter Sellers as “Inspector Clouseau,” (however, I would concede that “Trail of the Pink Panther” was awful, as it was basically a clip show pieced together after Peter Sellers died), and not the abysmal modern versions with Steve Martin which I absolutely refuse to see. In my mind, this is akin to some new artist repainting the Mona Lisa; the classics just shouldn’t be messed with. Clouseau was a brilliant character, and Sellers was a treasure. Unlike many of today's one-trick-ponies who are deemed to be "actors," he could do anything. Man, I love these movies!

A classic scene from "The Pink Panther Strikes Again"

They sure don't make 'em like they used to.

Bracing for snow,

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