Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Requiem for a can opener

First, some weather notes:

I keep a spreadsheet to track my mileage. I also record the temperature at the time of the run. In January, I went running on 22 of the 31 days. Just for kicks, I calculated an overall average temperature during my 22 runs for the entire month. Here are the numbers:

Warmest Run: 30 F (Tie: January 21st & 22nd)

Coldest Run: -12 F (January 24th)

Overall Average Temperature: 12.6 F

What I am trying to say is that January was a chilly month! :)

I had an absolutely fantastic run this evening after work. The temperature when I finished was a crowd-pleasing 6 degrees with a -7 wind chill. Although, I must confess it didn't feel that cold. We had bright sunshine today, and I think that helped.

The trails, for the most part, were free and clear of ice, so it was clear sailing. I was downright speedy today, and it felt as if I had my summer legs back. Good times! I love runs like that.

My old can opener; retired unceremoniously after years of service

This weekend when I was preparing my chili, I broke my can opener. This particular can opener is a hand-me-down that I have had since I left home. I am certain it is older than I am. It is all metal, except for a small piece of plastic that served as something of a washer between the housing and the gearing.

The plastic piece shattered while opening my black beans, so now there is no tension and the gear just spins. Thankfully, I had my Leatherman tool in my toolbox which has a blade for opening cans, so I was able to accomplish my mission.

However, I am kind of ticked off, because the can opener worked great. I'm going to hang onto it in case it is fixable. But I can just about guarantee any new can opener I buy isn't going to last 40 year or more!

I wonder how many cans this thing opened in its lifetime? Anyhow, thanks for the memories, dear can opener! :)

Until next time,

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