Monday, February 23, 2009

Searching for snowplows

This past weekend’s weather was not exactly conducive to getting in some long runs. I had wanted to do at least a 13-14 miler on one of those days, but there were a few things working against me.

As documented earlier, my Saturday run could have been better conducted using snowshoes. I only got in 7 miles while plowing my way through 4 inches of snow.

On Sunday, things were not much better. My trails around the lake had still not been plowed (grrrr!). Usually they get on these fairly quickly, so I don’t know why there was a delay. Whatever the reason, I was forced to change things up and find a new route. I ended up sticking to some sidewalks that had been cleared off and essentially ran a big square in my neighborhood, covering just over 8 miles.

Adding to the difficulty, the temperature when I finished up on Sunday was 4 degrees with a wind chill of -8. I guess this would explain why my left eyelashes were frozen together so I could barely see! :) Wow, we are almost in the month of March, yet we are still seeing these temperatures.

So it wasn’t an easy weekend of running by any stretch of the imagination. In hindsight, I think it was OK to have a lighter weekend. Over the three previous weekends, I had put in a long run between 13 and 14.5 miles. And having just recovered from a cold, it was probably fine to have dialed back the training. I am feeling much better and more rested.

Also, the good news is that I still think I am in a decent place with my training. The Fargo Marathon is still 74 days away, so I have time! With our days getting longer gradually warming up over the next couple of months, there should be more (and hopefully easier) opportunities for some longer runs.

In culinary news (perhaps I need a segment called "Jean's Culinary Corner"?), I've been on a pizza kick lately. I made some absolutely excellent dough over the weekend, so here is tonight's dinner. With dough made ahead of time and kept in the fridge, I can have a homemade pizza ready for dinner in about 35-40 minutes. The pizza delivery folks in my neighborhood have never met me. :)

Pepperoni, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and green olives with asiago and fresh mozzarella cheeses. In your face, Domino's! :)

Until next time,

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