Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring in February?

A photo from my run this afternoon; after two days of rain and warm temperatures, my local lake had water on top of the ice!

Here in Minnesota, we have been treated to some strange, springlike weather. I saw 46 degrees in my neighborhood yesterday, and it was 38 today. Couple that with some rain on both days, and our snow is virtually gone!

I went running this afternoon, and it was good. The trails are all clear of the ice and snow pack, with the exception of my big hill which is in the woods and in the shade. That was glare ice. Otherwise, it was all pavement and puddles! A very fast surface today, but it ought to get really interesting when everything refreezes.

A shot from along the trail; it has been some time since I have seen the grass on the trail's edge!

Of course, I know better than to get too excited. In Minnesota, we are all but guaranteed another big snowstorm or two. And this usually occurs at the end of March, just when we think spring is here. I guess I will just enjoy the warmth (and enjoy not having to put on 600 layers of clothing) while it lasts! :)

Thinking spring,

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