Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wardrobe malfunction

The sunset on Wednesday night's run

I have a cold. Not sure where I picked it up, bit it appears to be only your common cold with the stuffy head and sinus issues.

I never really buy any meds to treat colds. I have found that a really effective cold medication is a shot of The Macallan “Cask Strength” single malt scotch in a highball glass with a couple of ice cubes. 116.4 proof alcoholic beverages are enough to kick the butt of most germs, I figure! :) Whatever the case, I feel like I am starting to improve.

Since this is only a head cold, I am still running. And yesterday was gorgeous. I saw 40 degrees in my neighborhood, and I ran without my winter running jacket for the first time in 2009. All I needed was my base layer winter shirt with a long sleeved technical shirt over the top of that. 40 degrees is my lower threshold for wearing shorts, but I opted for the running pants because it felt kind of clammy outside (and partially because of my cold). How great it felt not to have to wear multiple layers!

The trails were all free and clear of ice. I also noticed the ice on the lake was starting to look black and quite thin in place. I suspect this will start to thicken up again as we are dropping into the deep freeze in the coming days with some below zero temps in the forecast.

Tonight's run did require a jacket. It was 15 degrees and a wind chill of -1. Overnight we received a dusting of snow. This is the first snow we have seen in weeks, so the ground at least has a dusting of white. The trails were clear in most places, since the feisty wind blew off the snow. But in the places where snow remained, I did see some cool tracks.

Tracks of a ring-necked pheasant on the snow dusted trail

Anyhow, regarding tonight's run requiring a jacket; at about mile 3 of 5 tonight, I felt my stomach starting to get rather cold. I looked down and saw that the zipper on my running jacket had separated from the bottom up. In the process of pulling the zipper down, I think I must have stripped out the teeth. The zipper don't work no more.


Running the remaining 2 miles trying to hold your jacket closed was not an easy task, and I am certain that I looked like a complete dork. Needless to say, I was pretty darned cold by the time I finished.

Looks like I am in the market for a new running jacket. We are nowhere near finished with winter!

Thawing out nicely,

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